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Charlie Rabbit Pizza

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Charlie Rabbit, our much loved favourite, is back in a new story with his good friend Snail (who takes a more active part in this book!). Charlie as always, does everything slowly and with care but Snail...well he is an impatient creature!

Charlie Rabbit offers to prepare a pizza for his friend Snail, but Snail is shocked to find Charlie not in the kitchen, but planting tomato plants in the garden.  “Well you want tomato sauce on your pizza don’t you?” asks Charlie.  Some ingredients for this pizza have taken millions of years to form it seems, but then as Charlie says “Some things take time!”  Will Snail ever get to enjoy a pizza with his friend?   A lovely story about where ingredients for food come from and a little bit about patience! Written by Mandie Davis and illustrated by our old friend Alain Blancbec


As with all Les Puces books you open it one way and it's French - FLIP IT OVER and open it the other way and it's English.  We don't put the two languages on the same page, so you feel like you are reading a real French book .... and you can't cheat!


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