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1.  We book all classes centrally so you are in the right place!

2.  Choose your area and then either Phone or Email us.

3.  Tell us where you live to help us find the right class for you.

4.  Book up there and then and we will invoice you.

5.  Go to your class, get your first bilingual book and start learning!


Booking & Contact

We book by the half term; each one follows a different theme and has its own unique bilingual book, Make It Project, song and worksheets. You can join us at any point in your first half term and we will only charge for the lessons taken. Contact us for a pro-rata price.

A 7 week half term is £67 and a 6 week half term is £59.  This includes your own copy of our exclusive bilingual book, which you receive on your first lesson, and a Make It Project to take home at the end of the half term.

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