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About 'Les Puces'

Hello my name is Mandie Davis and I am the founder of the Les Puces Method of language teaching and of the Les Puces teaching company.  I have two girls, Willow is bilingual and India is trilingual.  Neither of them have had any formal lessons in another language in order to learn it.  They learned their French and German by living in those countries and being immersed in the language and culture; in exactly the same way as you learned your mother tongue before you went to school!


Languages have always been important to me and even before India was born I had bought her children's books from wherever we had been on holiday!  Communication is one of the greatest of human gifts and the early realisation that not everyone in the world speaks the same language, broadens the mind and instils an acceptance of other nations and cultures.  


Children accept language without questioning or feeling embarrassed and their ear is very astute at a young age.  Rather than waiting until they are older and forcing them to learn by rote, the Les Puces Method is designed to introduce children to the French language.  They sing along with native French voices and appreciate the beauty of the language.  They learn a little about the culture of our neighbouring country and this hopefully plants a seed of inquisitiveness that will encourage them to learn, travel and explore as they grow.


I am a firm believer in learning through fun, especially using music, dance and listening to stories.  Just as your little one learns your mother tongue so our Les Puces Method classes will give him or her a natural grounding in learning a second language.


When I lived in France, I taught English to French children, using the same method.  I was always being told by their parents that they were doing exceptionally well once they started secondary school - I hope those benefits will be seen here in England as our little Puces grow!