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The Opposite Owls

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New characters and a new book introducing Hoot and Toot the Opposite Owls.  Learn all about opposites with this very contrary duo as they always do the opposite of each other.  One is big and one small. One is very loud and one very quiet.  You can find out what they eat, who likes hot drinks and which is faster a millipede or a worm?  Illustrated by Les Puces' original illustrator Alain Blancbec this book makes learning about opposites fun!

As with all Les Puces books you open it one way and it's French - FLIP IT OVER and open it the other way and it's English. We don't put the two languages on the same page, so you feel like you are reading a real French book .... and you can't cheat!


See the pictures and then buy the book from us Price: £10


to change language!

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