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A Woodland Walk 

Sing along to the Woodland Walk song that accompanies the book and game for the current half term.  You can learn all about woodland creatures like the rabbit and the badger as you sing along to this take on a traditional French children's song.  The lyrics are available to download for free in our Print Out Corner along with the vocabulary sheet! Come and join in the fun and play the 'Woodland Walk' game.  You can find your nearest class on the 'Find a Class' page.






Arty on Safari Animation 

It's been this summer's most anticipated blockbuster production from Les Puces Studios in France! It's taken 2 months and a lot of painstaking work using stop-motion animation, with 12 frames making up just one second of filming, to get this video onto the big screen!  The Arty on Safari song has been animated with lovely models directly from the book. Arty, Spotty, Roary, Snappy and a host of other delightful safari creatures spring off the pages and are magically brought to life.  Sing along to the "Qui fait quoi dans la savanne" song and find out who lives in the savanna. Watch carefully to see what those scatty meerkats get up to and how the hyenas literally roll about laughing!  You can find the lyrics for the song to print out for free, along with the Safari vocabulary sheet at our 'Print out Corner" webpage.  Just click here!