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My Family is a the first in a new series of books that we are so, so, so proud to have illustrated by the well known children's illustrator Pete Williamson (of Stitch Head fame). Pete's fantastic colour illustrations, bring to life the story of Adele and her friends at school as they explore their family trees.  Find out who is in Adele's family, why Theo's family tree is complicated and who wishes they had an alien for a brother?  You can learn all the vocabulary to do with families, so that you can explain your own family in French! (actually pretty useful as I found out!). Written by Les Puces own author, Mandie Davis and packed with lovely, colorful and fun characters.

As with all Les Puces books you open it one way and it's French - FLIP IT OVER and open it the other way and it's English.  We don't put the two languages on the same page, so you feel like you are reading a real French book .... and you can't cheat!


See the pictures and then buy the book from us Price: £10


to change language!