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The Other Way into Town

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The Other Way into Town is a story 15 years in the making!  Mandie Davis had this story in mind ever since her daughter was 4 years old and asked the vital question (when faced with the long walk up the hill into town) "Why cant we go the other way into town?". So what can happen when you go the other way and a little decision leads to big, globe spanning, adventures.  Find out where they go and who they meet and if they ever get to town!  Beautifully illustrated by Pete Williamson who brings Daddy and the girls to life and draws some of the wonders of the world! The center page spread shows the whole journey on a world map! A lovely tale of adventure in the Christmas period.  As with all Les Puces books you open it one way and it's French - FLIP IT OVER and open it the other way and it's English.  We don't put the two languages on the same page, so you feel like you are reading a real French book .... and you can't cheat!


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