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Daddy is taking India Mouse and Willow Star into town to buy their Christmas shopping.    Faced with the very steep hill to climb, India Mouse asks if they can go the other way into town - pointing in the other direction.  Daddy decides that this is possible - if they travel all around the world the other way!  On their journey they visit some magical places, meet different people and collect some unusual gifts.  A story that shows that big adventures spring from little decisions! Subject = Christmas.  World travel (a map on the centre page spread shows their journey.)


The book is written in English and French.  Read the story in your native language to get to know it.  Then flip the book over and it's the same story in your target language;  it's like having 2 books in one, back to back!   Illustrated by Pete Williamson.   Bilingual French-English book for children ages 3-11.  

L'Autre Chemin pour la Ville - The Other Way into Town (book)

  • 21.6cm x 21.6cm.  Soft cover full gloss, perfect bound.  Full colour.  78 pages .  Weight 0.455lbs. Authour Mandie Davis, Illustrator Alain Blancbec.  Produced and published by LesPuces.  ISBN: 9780995465374

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