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Track 17 of 20 from the Album Bonjour Les Puces


French song for children about walking in the woods and the various birds and animals that you meet there.  It is a variation on a traditional French song, but the wolf doesn't eat the children in this version!  Instead they find bigger and bigger animals until they discover a wild boar who chases them back home for tea.  There is a repetitive chorus:  "Qu'entends-tu? Que vois-tu?"  "What can you hear?  What can you see?" which helps children to memorise these two basic questions very quickly.    This is the karaoke version of track 7 from the same album.


This song accompanies the book "Woodland Walk" by Mandie Davis.

Used with the Les Puces courses.

Dans les bois karaoke - MP3 song

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