A great first book in a new language or for very young children.  This colourful children's book introduces children to simple sentences, words and colours using very simple illustrations and brightly coloured text.  We journey from basic colours of the sky, grass and sun, through to the woods where the river runs to the sea - and who knows what friends can be made from across the waters?  Eventually we see the earth from a distance - we love our planet!  Subject = Colours and basic sentence structure 


The book is written in English and French.  Read the story in your native language to get to know it.  Then flip the book over and it's the same story in your target language;  it's like having 2 books in one, back to back!   Illustrated by Alain Blancbec.   Bilingual French-English book for children ages 3-11.  

De quelle couleur est le ciel? - What colour is the sky? (book)

  • 21.6cm x 21.6cm.  Soft cover full gloss, perfect bound.  Full colour.  72 pages .  Weight 0.424lbs. Authour Mandie Davis, Illustrator Alain Blancbec.  Produced and published by LesPuces.  ISBN: 9781916483934

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