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This Les Puces French Hybrid course is based around the bilingual story Mon Corps - My Body.   You will receive a postal pack containing a Les Puces A4 workbook (My Body Workbook) packed with a bilingual story, set of 10 worksheets, body dominoes game, lesson plan,  progress card and stickers. There are tips to take your learning deeper. You also receive a practical 3D project kit to build an 'All about Me wheel' and body cut-out with sticker sheet. 


As soon as you purchase you quickly receive log-in details to access the Les Puces Club area on our website and full access for 2 years to the 'My Body - Mon corps' online learning portal. 


In this module you will learn about  parts of the body and useful phrases to talk about yourself.  The 10 worksheets progress from drawing mad people and a monster maker to unscrambling words and listening /undrestanding the song lyrics in detail. The game for this module is 'body dominoes', played by seeing wich body parts join together (head to neck or foot to leg). The song is all about the body and comes with actions to learn, sing-along lyrics and a karaoke version. You learn lots of useful body vocabulary including toes, fingers and chin!


The portal contains 25 teaching and instructional videos in six sections to guide you through the course; listen to the story in French and English as you follow in your workbook; learn the key vocabulary and copy the pronunciation; copy the song actions and lyrics and then try the sing-along and karaoke; complete the 10 worksheets, which always include a fun game; lastly, complete the practical project. The project is a great reminder of all the lessons learned.  There are also 2 vocabulary sheets, a lyrics sheet and all the worksheets included in your workbook and  also available to download from the portal.  Lastly there is a handy lesson plan, heath tips and a sheet of other subjects to discuss.


The course is designed to last a minimum of  7 x 1 hour sessions (although we recommend you do a little each day at your own pace) and is ideal for ages 3-11 years with parental support where necessary.

My Body - Mon corps Hybrid Module

  • Source / Target Language: English/French or French to English (depending on which language you want to learn)

    Postal Pack: Contains 1 x A4 'My Body' Workbook (including bilingual story French/English, 10 x A4 worksheets , 2 x vocab sheets, 1 x lyrics sheet, 1 x body dominoes cut-out game), 1 x 'All about Me wheel' project kit, 1 x body cut-out with sticker sheet, lesson plan and handy tips for further learning.  20 x star stickers

    2 Child Module contains: 2 x My Body workbooks,  2 x project kits,          2 x sets of star stickers

    3 Child Module contains:  3 x My Body workbooks, 3 x project kits,      3 x sets of star stickers

    Online Portal Access: 2 year's access to 25 instructional videos to guide you through each part of the course.  13 downloadable sheets including vocabulary and song lyrics. You will need to log onto our website to become a club member (included in the module price) before we can activate your access.

    Things you will need:   Scissors, glue and colouring pencils/pens, dice.

    PC & Internet:  Compatable with PCs, Laptops, tablets & phones.  The online portal is also configured to be mobile friendly.

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