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Little Paul sees the garden hose and imagines becoming a firefighter.  He imagines what clothing and equipment he will need and slowly he becomes a real firefighter.  The book is a mixture of drawn illustrations and real photographs.  Little Paul starts off in his garden and slowly the scene changes to a real fire station (with fire engine) as he gets dressed up and equipped to be a firefighter. Subject = Clothes - firefighter - imagination. This book has a vocabulary section in the center pages.


The book is written in English and French.  Read the story in your native language to get to know it.  Then flip the book over and it's the same story in your target language;  it's like having 2 books in one, back to back!   Illustrated, by France de la Cour. Bilingual French-English book for children ages 3-11.  

Petit Paul veut devenir un pompier-Little Paul wants to be a firefighter (book)

  • 21.6cm x 21.6cm.  Soft cover full gloss, perfect bound.  Full colour.  78 pages .  Weight 0.455lbs. Authour Mandie Davis, Illustrator France de la Cour.  Produced and published by Les Puces.  ISBN: 9780993156984

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