The Opposite Owls - Les hiboux opposés  This is the first in the Opposite Owl series. 


The story follows two owls, Hoot and Toot, called the 'opposite owls' by their mother as, as you might guess, they always do the opposite to each other!  Learn some important first opposites such as hot and cold, up and down, big and small as well as forwards and backwards and left and right.  

You get two files; the story in English and in French.


Read by Willow

The Opposite Owls - Les hiboux opposés (MP3 audiobook)

  • You will instantly receive a zipped file which contains two MP3 audiofiles.  One is the story read in English and the other is the story in French.  They are read by Willow, who has lived in Germany, France, and England.    

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