What we offer:

Les Puces offers the following options for schools to fit in with your teaching and staffing requirements.  We teach from Reception through to KS2. 

1.  Les Puces on curriculum

2.  Les Puces in house

3.  Les Puces after school club


Les Puces on curriculum classes:

For curriculum classes we provide a Les Puces teacher to visit your school and teach our method.  Lesson plans for each year group are compiled by a qualified teacher  and sent to your headteacher, so that you know what is being taught and have them to hand in case of an Ofsted inspection. Lesson plans include a differentiation column to show how we help more advanced pupils or those having difficulty. You have complete access to additional supportive material through our website, as well as a copy of the bilingual book currently being worked on each half term for your library.

Les Puces in house:

We can train one of your existing staff in the Les Puces method and provide you with a teacher starter pack to enable them to deliver the lessons.  You would then purchase a module pack each half term (comprising  lesson plans, a teacher's book, worksheets, song and supporting material) to enable your teacher to deliver the new topic. You can add the bilingual book and/or the Make It Project for each pupil if you wish.

Les Puces after school clubs:

Potential parents often look for a good range of after school activities when choosing a school. A Les Puces after school French class provides diversity and opportunity, and complements the UK National Curriculum. Learning a second language is popular and our classes usually fill to capacity within a few weeks. If a different language is taught at school, running a Les Puces French after school club ensures parents have a wider choice. All you have to do is give us space to run the class and we will do the rest. 


1.  We send you an electronic poster to distribute before each half term.

2.  Parents contact us and we allocate places.

3.  We manage the waiting list.

4. We invoice the parents and keep them up to date with what their children are learning via a newsletter.

5.  We provide you with an up to date register, with contact and emergency details of all pupils attending, as well as access to our newsletter.

6.   All our teachers have enhanced and current DBS certificates.


Each pupil attending an after school class receives one of our exclusive bilingual flip it books and creates a Make It Project to take home each half term. You can find out more by following these links to other pages of our website:

How our method works:

Our approach to language learning is a little different from standard classroom teaching.  We use a modular system where one topic (per half term) is taught by tapping into the four different ways children learn a language: repetitive learning, songs and music, practical and creative play, and storytelling. The same topic is experienced through the different methods, with the aim that children gain most from their own instinctive way of learning, with reinforcement through the other three methods. Equal weight is given to each part of the class so every child can benefit  We approach the same material in these four different ways to keep learning fast paced, engaging and fun. To find out more see our 'Method' page by clicking here: 

We are very aware that phonics play a major part in the curriculum and we don't want to cause confusion!  In a Les Puces class children use their ears rather than reading in the early stages of language learning, so they look at pictures whilst listening to the teacher.  More words and phrases are shown in the older year groups but the main aim is to get a good understanding and accent before moving on to reading and writing. The books are the cornerstone to our unique modular system which ensures that our theme for the half term follows across all our learning aids. There are lots of free learning resources on our website for parents and the school to download.  

Key benefits for your school:

  • 1. Your MFL provision is being taken care of without effort or worry.

  • 2. You can be assured the classes are professionally planned using government subject guidelines and the Les Puces method.

  • 3. You will have consistency with the teaching method, as we train the teacher and ensure continuous cover.

  • 4. A new topic is taught every half term with a four year cycle (and expanding!)

  • 5. The lesson plans are emailed to you so you know what is being taught and have them ready for an Ofsted inspection.

  • 6. Children joining the after school club receive a solid reinforcement of what has been learned in class - guaranteeing no differences in teaching method or styles.

  • 7. We give a book each half term for the school library for all children to enjoy.  

  • 8. We are always happy to provide raffle prizes and/or have a stand at the school Christmas Fair etc.  We aim to work with the school as a partner.

  • 9. We invoice you every half term to help you with cash flow and budgeting.

Les Puces resources:

Free vocabulary and lyrics sheets to download from our website.


Les Puces songs to listen to, stream or buy from Amazon, Apple, iTunes and Spotify.


Les Puces videos are free to watch on our website or YouTube channel to help learn the songs and the actions that go with them.

Follow these links to see out free print outs, music and videos:


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Hello I'm Katie Spicer the Les Puces Operations Manager and the first point of contact for schools.  Please read on below to get an idea of how Les Puces already assists many schools with language learning, and then contact me to find out how we can help you.

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