FLEA BITES: The blog from Les Puces What's in a name?

Here at Les Puces, the French language class of choice in the south east of England, we have decided to run a blog, which we hope you will find informative and helpful.

Just for the first one, we are going to be a little self-indulgent and talk about how we came up with the name “Les Puces”. It’s a question that we often get asked when people realise that the literal translation is “The Fleas”.

Coming Up With a Name For The Business

When coming up with our name, we were keen do the following:

  • Spark conversation

  • Highlight the differences between the French and English cultures

  • Easily remembered

  • Funny

  • Demonstrate love

So by keeping it short and simple, we hope we have a name that will promote discussion and that can be remembered and one that will stand the test of time by staying fresh and memorable.

It’s probably fair to say that non-French speakers might not remember Les Puces, but they will almost certainly remember the French learning school, which is called “The Fleas”. It’s then pretty straightforward to look up the translation.

A Term of Endearment

Les Puces is a very common term of endearment in France and is used for a partner as well as for a child. In England we wouldn’t dream of calling someone we love a flea.

Ma puce can be said to both males and females, even though it’s a feminine word and it has its diminutive varieties of ma petite puce (f), little flea and ma pupuce (f) a tiny, little flea.

There are actually lots of words in French that are terms of endearment, which aren’t so in English. These include ma crevette (my shrimp), ma caille (my quail) and mon chou (cabbage).

Les Puces Was Just Perfect

However, Les Puces seemed to fit the bill of showing love and didn’t sound as trite as “darlings” or variations on that theme. It’s a little bit more “off the wall” as well as being educational in itself and highlights the differences between the French and English cultures.

Involving The Parents At Les Puces

Here at Les Puces, we think it’s really important that parents are involved in the classes and in your children's learning journey. It's natural that when a child is praised and can share their achievements, they learn much faster. We actively encourage parents to come to classes here, even if they are after school sessions.

It's not just the children who are learning as you may pick up some French too. Your child is experiencing another important lesson; we never stop learning!

Your Opportunity To Interact

If parents can’t manage to get to the classes, you can still be actively involved, through the website, newsletters and of course the bilingual book which you will get every half term to read at home in English.

And now, Les Puces has its blog where we want to share helpful information. If you have anything that you would like to know more about or have any questions or concerns about French lessons, it might be a great topic for an upcoming blog, so do get in touch.

Booking Classes

Les Puces has classes from Portsmouth to Whitstable and from Brighton to Bromley where pre-school and primary school aged children can learn French in an innovative and inspiring way. Please call us 01892 457135 or 07534 954807 to learn more and book onto a class near to you.

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