FLEA BITES: Help Your Child to Learn French

How Parents Can Help Children Learn French

Parental engagement can really improve your child’s education and here at Les Puces, the French language class of choice in the south east of England, we actively encourage parents to become as involved as possible. We feel that this helps your child get the most from their classes and here we discuss some of the ways that you as a parent can set an example by joining the class or engaging with your child after the lessons.

  • Go along to the class

  • Play French songs at home

  • Watch French films and videos together

  • Read stories at home

  • Reinforce the learning

  • Get involved with homework

Go Along, But Don’t Take Over

We do encourage parents, if they can, to come along to the classes as this sets a great example and means not all of the attention is focused on the child plus they then have a lead to follow. However, although you may be really enthusiastic, it’s important not to take over. Show that you are listening to and learning from the teacher. Give your child the space to let them grow.

Learning French Words By Listening To Songs

Playing French songs and nursery rhymes at home is fun and there is so much available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and Apple music. Most is free to listen to and Les Puces has its own music that can be heard on all of those platforms (simply search for 'Les Puces'). Playing French songs is a great way to teach vocabulary as they include words associated with the weather, family, parts of the body, animals, occupations and food. Songs will really enhance listening and speaking skills and information can be retained more easily.

click on the image to hear some of our songs!

Improve Pronunciation By Watching Videos

Why not look at French videos on YouTube? The wonderful fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Puss In Boots are all available and it’s great to watch them together. Videos present the language, culture and humour of a country and really highlight the contrasts as well as being a great way of improving pronunciation. What’s even better, they are enjoyable to watch!

click on the image to watch some traditional fairy tales!

Read Stories And Identify Things Around You

Read stories at home including French children’s books and bedtime stories and if your child is attending a Les Puces class, read the stories in English so your child really knows the translation when they come to hear the maitresse read it in French. Look out for things in the home and outside to reinforce what you have learned in class - you can often see a 'Corbeau Taquin' hopping around!

click on the image to visit our shop and see our range of books and music CDs

Be Patient – Teacher Knows Best

By being at the class and letting the teacher take the lesson, it’s a great way of hearing a French accent. Even if you are bilingual it still gives your child the opportunity to listen to another accent. Allow the teacher to ask the questions and wait for the answers and of course don’t be tempted to answer the question for your child; the teacher knows that you know the answers!

Also don’t worry if you think the lessons aren’t sinking in, as children who don’t seem to be paying attention will come out with something in French at the most unexpected times.

You Could Be Your Child’s Best Tutor

By being there, or by being interest in what happened in their class, you will help to develop your child’s interest in the French language as at a young age they will be keen to understand and please you. The best tutor that your child could have in learning another language is you!

Les Puces is the French language class of choice in the south east and has classes in Bromley, Brighton, Canterbury, Crawley, Folkestone, Horsham, Maidstone, Portsmouth, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Whitstable and Worthing where children can learn French in an innovative and inspiring way. Please call us 01892 457135 or 07534 954807 to learn more and book your child onto a class near to you.

Photos from DepositPhotos and Les Puces

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