FLEA BITES: Franchising - Could it work for you?

"I want to be my own boss and work for myself from home. I want my work to be flexible so I can spend time with my family." If these statements resonate with you; maybe even forming your New Year's resolution, then you will probably be interested in franchising.

Les Puces, the French language learning school for children from the age of 2, is expanding by way of offering franchises. You can have the opportunity to grow with us as you encompass our tried and tested formula. Before you click away, take note: You don't need to speak French!

What Is Franchising?

First of all, let’s look at what Franchising is and in a broad sense, it’s a way that you can run a commercial business utilising some or all of the aspects of another business; including its name, brand and products. Today it translates into you being granted a licence to trade under the same name as the parent company and with this you get access to use some or all of the aspects that have made the parent business such a success. In essence, you have a full kitbag of tools to get your business up and running quickly and efficiently, so all of the elements that will make your business a success.

You might not realise that some of the giants of commercial businesses actually operate on a franchised basis including Domino's Pizza and the McDonald's restaurants.

The Licence

Let’s look in a little more detail at what the licence comprises.

Franchiser - person who grants the licence

Franchisee - person who obtains the licence

With this licence, you get aspects to support your business including branding, products, supplies, designs and in some cases marketing and advertising support.

A franchise agreement is then set up which outlines how long the support will continue and how much you will need to pay for the franchise. This could be a lump sum upfront as well as staged payments.

Business Advantages Of A Franchise

  • Limited risk

  • Tried and tested business formula

  • Brand specific training

  • Brand is already trusted

  • Proven system that works

  • Low set up costs

  • Saves time and effort

  • Ongoing help and support

  • Finance more readily available

  • Flexible lifestyle

Will Your Franchised Business Succeed?

That’s the bottom line with all start-up businesses. Quite simply there is a much better chance of success than if you had set up a non-franchised business. Evidence for the high success rate of franchising is provided by the annual British Franchise Association/NatWest franchise surveys.

It is said that 80% of businesses fall in the first 5 years whereas 80% of franchised businesses succeed in the same time period.

The Secrets To Success

To ensure that you have every chance of success, check the following:

  • All the costs involved

  • Any restrictions

  • Flexibility of the licence

  • The control you have on your business

  • Business reputation

  • Resale of the business

If this is ticking lots of boxes for you and you are looking for a more flexible lifestyle, Les Puces, the French language school of choice in the south of England is offering 3 franchisee opportunities. This proven brand has developed the right formula to help you succeed and your set-up costs will be low and as we said, you don’t even need to speak French!

To learn more about this opportunity, please get in touch with Mandie on 01892 457135 or 07534 954807 for a without obligation chat. You could soon be running your own business.

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