FLEA BITES: Setting goals ... and 'failing'.

Setting Goals – Does It Matter If You Don’t Achieve Them?

This summer I started to make an animation film and my goal during the holidays was to finish it. However, as it takes hours to produce a few seconds of animation, I failed to get it completed in time and achieve my set goal, although I did make live Facebook videos along the way. These actually prompted some lively social media conversations about the topic of goal setting, particularly during the summer holidays. Although my goal was business related, they can include all sorts of things and be related to to your personal life as well, such as losing weight, doing more exercise, cooking more and reading books, anything really that you want to do. It got me to look at whether it really matters if you don’t achieve a goal (as I didn’t) and is it just the trying that is important or just taking a few steps along the road.

Here I am full of hope and planning the opening scenes for the song:

Definition Of A Goal

So what constitutes a goal? The business dictionary describes it as such:

An observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe

I do think in business and life in general that to succeed you do need to set goals as they will help you to focus and give you direction and they will actually give you a guideline as to whether you are moving forwards and at what pace. If I hadn't set myself a goal, I don't think this animation would ever have been made... here we are setting up the stage and lighting.


The consensus of opinion is that you should set SMART goals, an acronym for:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Relevant

  • Time Bound

Well I had plenty of time in the beginning .... but I didn't start the project early enough. Still, here's the opening scene with Arty dancing!

See The Juicy Carrot At The End

In setting SPECIFIC goals, they should be simple so that you can take easy steps to achieve them. We do need to know if we have achieved what we set out to do, so they have to be MEASURABLE and the goals need to be meaningful. When considering whether it is ATTAINABLE, the goal does need to be achievable in real time; it won’t work if it can be done some time in the future when you have more experience or knowledge. When considering whether a goal is RELEVANT, it has to be realistic with the resources at your disposal. Finally there needs to be a TIMEFRAME in which the goal has to be achieved, so setting a date is imperative, so make the goal meaningful and tantalising and see it as a juicy and tasty carrot.

I completely enjoy making the animations and would like to have more time to be better at it. Each second that is added is such fun - and that's my carrot really. I love seeing the thing grow literally before my eyes. As we progressed through the song, things got more complicated.... 5 animals now on set.

The last few days of the holiday saw other unexpected things happening. We had decided to sell our house and viewings, tidying up and general DIY all had to come into play ... some holiday!! You can see the stress starting to show. I still wanted to make time for Arty!

Up at 3am to get an early flight home, knowing that I hadn't achieved my goal. What's important though? Is trying enough? The determination is still there though, even if the time is up!

On A Personal Note

I actually went back to the animation a couple of days ago and I completed my summer project. I’m delighted to say I have added music and uploaded it to YouTube and although it took longer than I had anticipated, I did get started within the timeframe I had set myself and making that start was the impetus I needed to finish.

I do think its important that your goals should motivate you and I also think it’s a good idea to write them down, thus making an action plan and of course stick to them. I would love to hear what you think about my animated film and your views on goal setting.

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