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Mandie Davis -  Directrice


I am so proud to introduce you to our fantastic team of Les Puces Ltd teachers for the South and South East.  They are all either native French speakers or have studied languages to a high standard; above all they have a passion for France and the French way of life and this is what they convey in their classes.  We want to give your child, and possibly you, a little insight into life across the channel.  It’s so exciting for a child to discover that not everyone speaks the same language or does things in the same way as us. Together we will learn about the Tooth Mouse, the Easter Bells and Gallettes de Roi along with reinforcing the cognitive development of early childhood, and of course, introducing the French language.   



Luvlina- Maitresse for Horsham

Bonjour everyone! I was born and raised in Mauritius, and have therefore spoken French & English my whole life. I also studied both languages, along with Art to A-level standard. I made the move to England 13 years ago and I now have a daughter of my own who is starting school soon and happily progressing with the French language. We have family in France so frequent visits mean we can all be immersed in the wonderful French culture. I am very happy and excited to join 'Les Puces', to become a Maitresse and be part of a team and I look forward to meeting you and your children in Horsham.

Caroline-Maitresse for Tunbridge-Wells

I was born in Brussels and lived in French speaking Belgium (on the French-Belgian border near Lille) until I was 23.  I have 4 children and they are all bilingual.  This is important to me because it helps my children connect to their cultural background; they feel closer to my family and are proud of who they are.  Also, I believe that being bilingual gives my children an entirely different way of seeing the world and stretches their minds to new realms of possibilities and boosts their tolerance of others.   I actually took all four children to Les Puces classes when they first started in Tonbridge, and for 2 years we all went even though my youngest was 1 and the eldest was 9.  We were worried that he might get bored, being already bilingual and so much older than other children in the group … but he really looked forward to the classes each week!  It was a chance for all of my children to realise that other children want to learn this language and it enabled them to share, grow in confidence speaking French outside the home as well as developing their skills of helping others.  

The tables suddenly turned when I realised that a new teacher was needed for Tunbridge Wells!  So now I am on the other side of the classes and absolutely love it!  I really believe in the way that Les Puces teaches and I look forward to helping your children on their language journey.


Véronique- Maitresse for Sevenoaks


Bonjour. I’m Véronique and I’m dual nationality, French-British. My mother is from Bourgogne, where, as a child,  I spent all of my long, sunny summer holidays and cold, snowy Christmases. I was brought up in Kent completely bilingual and have an honours degree in French. A year of my degree course was spent in Paris, where I fell even deeper in love with the French culture (and food!).


Eager for my family to share this passion, I holiday every summer with my husband and two teenage children in southern France. I have been a teaching assistant for ten years at a Sevenoaks primary school, where I also teach French to years 4 and 6.


Children's enthusiasm and unflagging curiosity in learning about the differences  between  French and British customs , as well as the fun in getting their teeth around French pronunciation, is heart-warming. I’m excited to be teaching French now with Les Puces, which offers amazing resources to make learning French a really fun experience for young ones.


Ella -Maitresse for Bromley


Bonjour! My name is Ella, and I am the Bromley maîtresse! Even before I began learning French, six years ago, I had developed a love for the language.  I loved it so much so that I decided I’d get a head start the summer before I began to take classes at school. I have now completed a GCSE in French, having gained the top grade 9 (A**), and I am currently continuing to study it at A-Level. I am very passionate about French and I also enjoy working with children to pass on this beautiful language. When I leave school I intend to become a full-time teacher, so working with Les Puces is my first step! I look forward to seeing you all at my classes.

Romane - Maitresse for Brighton

Hello ! My name is Romane and I come from the French speaking part of Switzerland. I have just arrived in Brighton to study for a Masters Degree in Sustainable Design and have recently completed a degree in Psychology. As you can see from my studies, I have a strong interest in people and art and I believe teaching, especially with the great method offered by Les Puces, unites the two. I always love the challenge of learning a new language and I am happy to help develop this skill in your children. I also look forward to learning from them, as in my experience with children, in every class the teacher is always learning.

Willow - Maitresse for Tunbridge Wells

Bonjour! My name is Willow, and I am the Tunbridge Wells maîtresse. I have lived in France for seven years from the age of three to ten years old. My father still lives in France so I regularly visit France for an extended period every year to keep my French up to date! I have completed a GCSE in French, with a grade 8 (A*), and I am currently continuing to study French at A-level. I love working with children and find teaching them very rewarding. I believe that being bilingual will open up more doors for me in the future and I am excited to be giving children the same opportunity. I look forward to seeing you all in the class.  À bientôt ! "

Katie Spicer -  UK Operations Manager


Salut! My name is Katie and I am Operations Manager and Schools Co-Ordinator for Les Puces. I have loved learning languages from a young age, and went on to study French and Spanish at university in Wales. I have previously lived in France (where I taught English to primary school children) and knew that I wanted to turn this into a career. I have worked in a French language primary school in the UK and now with Les Puces I can help spread my love of languages to even more children! I am currently studying for a Masters in Linguistics. If you are interested in an after school, curriculum or private classes, I am the first point of contact for setting up these classes so please get in touch.


Sonia -Maitresse for Crawley


Hello everyone!  I’m Sonia and I was born and grew up in Algeria.  In my country we speak lots of French and it is a language that I adore. I also love to travel and to get to know more about the world.  I especially love Paris (one of the most magnificent cities in the world!) and Marseille in the South of France.  I am really happy to be working with Les Puces - and above all to be working with children and the beautiful French language!  I look forward to welcoming you to my classes.

Howard - Maitre for Dartford Orpington & Tonbridge

Hello everyone! I was born in London but was fortunate enough to spend two years as a child (11 – 13 years old) living in Paris, attending a French school, where I learned to speak French. I have since graduated from university with a degree in French and spent one year in a France, teaching English in a French school. I have also lived and worked in Lausanne (Switzerland) for a year and a further year in Paris, where I embraced the language and culture. I am passionate about language and love the fact that I am able to impart my knowledge to children in a really fun environment. I look forward to meeting all the puces in my classes.

Alyosha - Maitresse for Tunbridge Wells

Salut Les Puces! My name is Alyosha. I was born in Australia but left at a very young age to live with my mother in a little village in the south of France. We had mountains, rivers, old castles and even vineyards - it was always her dream to be there and so it became ours. It was a magical place, and where I began to learn French. Later we moved to Montréal and I spent the last 15 years there, completing my schooling, getting jobs and making friends (who were all French speakers). I finished my school year as a special care counsellor but had a background in music, art and theatre, which I am looking forward to bringing to Les Puces. I moved back to the UK two years ago to be closer to my family. I've always been young at heart with a bubbly and colourful personality which makes me feel that Les Puces is the perfect place for me to pass on what I have learned.

Anta - Maitresse for East London

Bonjour ! I'm Anta, I'm 25 and I come from the south of France.
Having a Senegalese father and a French mother, I remember that my origins created an interest in other cultures at a young age. My mother tongue is therefore French but I also speak English and Spanish fluently. I studied English and translation at the University of Perpignan in France as I've always loved languages and English particularly. I had the opportunity to study at the University of Edinburgh for a semester in 2017 -  which I loved - and I decided to move to London after my degree in 2018.  
Back when I was younger I enjoyed helping the children in my family circle to learn English, so I decided to share my knowledge of French in England and preferably in a fun way ! That's why Les Puces is great as they offer a fun and easy way of learning French. I'm a positive person  and I'm really excited about teaching French to my Puces !

Karis - Maitresse for the Canterbury area.

Salut tout le monde! My name is Karis, I am 22 and I graduated last year with a 2.1 in French and History. I live in Canterbury and I adore the history behind this beautiful city. I started learning French when I was about 15 years old and always enjoyed finding out about the culture, history and society of France. Teaching French has always been a strong passion of mine. I feel that it’s important that we can speak another language in order to keep up to date with current affairs. I am proud to be working with Les Puces as I find teaching is very rewarding and worthwhile. I also enjoy inspiring and motivating others especially in languages. Let me teach you about the wonders of the French language and I really hope to see you in my class soon.  À bientôt! 

Laurine - Maitresse for Canterbury

Bonjour ! My name is Laurine and I am from France. I am very lucky to have grown up in a village near Mont-Blanc! I have always been interested in languages and decided to learn English fluently, mainly because I love to travel and it is a useful language internationally. I was an Au Pair in London for a year, helping two children of 3 and 5 improve their French while they helped me improve my English. Some of you may have or will see me dressed in a Victorian outfit on the streets of Rochester as I am also a tour guide within this beautiful city. I talk about Charles Dickens and the history of the city, mainly to French children on a trip to England.  I love to pass on my knowledge and I am excited to teach French to your puces!

Roxane- Maitresse for Portsmouth

Bonjour à tous ! My name is Roxane, I am 23 and from Orange, in the south of France.  After a degree specialized in French and English literature, I decided to study law. In 2018 I completed my Masters Degree and took the decision to spend one year in England as an au pair. Now I have finally moved to the UK and I really enjoy my new life. I always wanted to be fluent in English to be able to speak to people wherever I go. I love human contact and especially contact with children. I think that learning another language is fantastic in terms of life opportunities. Even if I love France, living aboard is an amazing personal experience and I would love to give this chance to other people. The better thing is to start as early as possible to learn an other language ! I feel really lucky to be a part of this adventure at Les Puces and impatient to start to share my French culture. 

Clelia - Maitresse for the Maidstone Area

Bonjour, My name is Clelia. I am from the enchanted region of Alsace in France. I was brought up in a plurilingual environment and Spanish is my native language too. After working several years in the marketing business, I left the beautiful but cold mountains of Alsace for the wild beaches of Galicia in Spain. I achieved a qualification in teaching French language and started giving lessons to toddlers and students. As I was looking for new experiences years ago I moved to Maidstone where I am now settled. I am proud of being part of Les Puces and really looking forward to share my love for France and its amazing language with all of you!

Kia - Maitresse for Brighton

 My name is Kia Wilcock and I’m very excited to be part of the Les Puces team. I moved to the South of France when I was three and have lived there all of my life until coming back to study Politics and International Relations at the University of Sussex. Growing up bilingual, I feel very lucky to be part of two cultures and I want to give this opportunity to other people. It is so important to immerse yourself in a new language as young as possible. The Les Puces method of teaching is a great combination of education and fun which makes learning French a positive experience. I’m excited for the children to develop a passion for the French language and culture through the Les Puces classes. A bientôt! 

Roman - Maitre for the Horsham area.

Bonjour, my name is Roman. I am 19 years old and live near Horsham. I was born in Eastern France and then lived in Southern France for most of my life. Even though my family is completely English, I quickly became fluent in French as I attended French schools until the age of 11. As well as English and French, I absolutely love learning languages; from Norwegian and Spanish to Mandarin, I love learning about other people’s cultures and languages. I am so excited to join ‘Les Puces’ as this means that I can share my enthusiasm for learning languages with you and your children!