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Les Puces Terms and Conditions


Our Aim:


  1. We aim to provide high quality French classes for children following the Les Puces method of language teaching. 

    Your child will be taught a new topic every half term, alongside a continuation of vocabulary throughout their time with us. The sessions comprise of vocabulary time, singing and dancing time, make it project time, and story time.




2.  Parents / carers must inform Les Puces if a child is sick or unable to attend a class.  They must also ensure that children are not sent to the class with infectious diseases that may affect the other children at the class.


Child Welfare:


3. Les Puces welcomes children from many different ethnic groups, backgrounds and creeds. Similarities and differences are valued and respected and all children are treated equally.


4.  Les Puces has its own safeguarding policy that is followed by all Les Puces teachers and staff.  A copy of this policy is available on request.


5.  Before your child attends their first class, we will ask for safeguarding information from you via email. Please return this information promptly. This includes date of birth, contact details and emergency contact details, allergies (we provide snack in class), and photo permissions.




6.  You must pay for your lessons for the half term in advance via direct debit.  The price you will be charged is for the number of lessons in the half term @ £8 per lesson plus £8 (club price) for the bilingual book and £3 for the project.  


7.  The price for the half term is not refundable once the first lesson of the term has started.


8.  Payment can only be made through our bank payment system.  You will receive details when you sign up and you must use this system for payment. We do not accent any other method of paying. We do not hold any details of your bank and you are free to cancel your payments at any time.


9.  If you wish to leave Les Puces you must give at least one weeks’ notice before the end of the current half term.  If you do not give this notice you will be charged an admin fee of £10 plus £8 for the cost of your book which we will already have purchased and which we will post on to you.


Attendance and Lateness:


10.  Classes are of one hour duration.  Your teacher will not wait for you to turn up but will just start and finish on time.  Please be considerate when entering a class late.


11.  Term dates vary between schools, and may not follow your school’s term dates exactly. Term dates appear on your invoice email. If you are ever unsure, email us at bonjour@lespuces.co.uk for more details.


12. There is no penalty for the first late collection. After this, a fee of £10 will be charged for every 10 minute period that a child is picked up late after the end of the club.


13.  If someone unknown to the maitre or maitresse is going to be collecting your child, you must let either your maitre/maitresse, the operations manager  or the CEO know with as much notice as possible.  You can email bonjour@lespuces.co.uk. We need at least 24 hour notice to let the relevant people know.  In an emergency, please text 07534 954807.


14. Parents / carers must attend the Les Puces class with pre-school children (except in an after school club with a nursery attached). You should note that although all our teachers have an enhanced DBS they do not hold a first aid certificate. For an open class we will call you in an emergency.


15.  For classes held at a school, a first aid trained person is always on site.




16.  The parents / carers hereby confirm that they accept the authority of the maitre or maitresse to take all reasonable disciplinary or preventative action necessary to safeguard and promote the welfare of each child. We will always endeavour to contact the parent / carer with any reports of disruptive behaviour.  


17.  Parents / carers may be asked to remove a child from the class if the behaviour of that child is unacceptable or disruptive to the other pupils. Continued disruption or rudeness to Les Puces staff will result in the child being stopped from attending, under a three-strike system.  There will be no refund in these circumstances.




18.  It is hoped that parents / carers will not have to complain about any aspect of the service we provide, however, should the need arise; there are three stages at which complaints can be considered.

Stage 1 – The Informal Resolution
Discuss your complaint with the Les Puces Teacher. If you are still dissatisfied you may discuss the matter with a Les Puces manager. It is hoped that the matter may be resolved to all parties at this stage.  You can direct your email to bonjour@lespuces.co.uk

Stage 2 – Formal Complaint to Management
If unresolved at the Informal Stage, the complaint should be sent in writing to the Les Puces Operations Manager. You will then receive a written request to attend a meeting with the manager to discuss the matter.  You can direct your email to Katie Spicer on k.spicer@lespuces.co.uk

Stage 3 – Formal Complaint to our CEO, Mandie Davis email mandie@lespuces.co.uk


19.  Les Puces hold appropriate public liability insurance through Hiscox. A copy of this certificate is given to all schools that require it before clubs begin, and is available to parents on request. 

DBS checks for Les Puces Staff:

20.  All Les Puces teachers hold an enhanced, current DBS in accordance with safeguarding law. If a teacher is waiting for a DBS to arrive, a DBS checked member of Les Puces staff will also be in attendance.

Emergency Contact Details:

21.  It is your responsibility to give Les Puces Ltd up to date and relevant emergency contact numbers and to keep Les Puces updated in writing if these change.  You also need to tell Les Puces who is allowed to collect your child from the class, if this is different from the parent / carer and the emergency contact.  

22.  All Les Puces material used in our classes is copyright protected.  


Action to be taken by you:


23.  You will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood these conditions on your joining email before your child will be allowed to attend their first class.



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