Les Puces CEO attending trade talks with the Moroccan Minister for Education in Rabat

Here we display the artwork and craft creations from our clever 'Puces' from all the different classes.  Our Teachers will want you to be on this page so work hard and learn fast and you could be a 'Premier Puce'.

Have a look in the garden below

The Playground


Home Page

A serious business 

Beautifully coloured eggs

A finished Spring garland

Crazy Chick creations

Spring Half Term

Garlands to go!

Proud Creators

Tissue flower factory

The most amazing tissue flower

The Spring term brought out the creative side of our Puces as they constructed, coloured and stuck together all the component parts of our Spring garland. Crazy googly eyed chicks, multi coloured felt flowers, bells, eggs and tissue blooms all pegged onto our special Les Puces ribbon to make a festive bunting to hang up for Easter at home!   Well done to everyone for such lovely creations!

Les Puces in the Kingdom of Morocco

Close up colouring

Our founder and CEO Mandie, joined a high level educational trade mission to the kingdom of Morocco, with the aim of taking Les Puces to North Africa to teach English and French. With meetings and visits in Casablanca and the capital Rabat, Mandie met the Minister for Education, the British Ambassador and many other important people in Moroccan education. We hope that the contacts she made on this trip will lead to the Les Puces method being used to teach in pre-schools and primary schools across Morocco.

International University of Rabat

Le Casablanca Hotel

The London Academy 


British Ambassador and Moroccan Education Minister

Moroccan newspaper article 

The famous Rick's Cafe Casablanca

Children and teachers at the London Academy

Colouring the TV film

Yes we have our new books!

Future animators at work.

A high level programming meeting at Les Puces TV studio

Now I can't remember, are tree trunks green?

Rex's Book!

The 'What colour is the sky' half term had everyone making their own Les Puces TVs.  First they made the 'programme' film reel to go inside; colouring and embellishing the story from the book. Then they made up the TVs with lots of discussion about how old TVs had actual buttons and a tuning dial!  Then in the Les Puces TV workshops the TVs were ready to roll with our puces telling the story from the book in their own (French) words!  Fantastic projects, well done everyone!

A whole class of fantastic TVs

Come on you are kidding! TVs don't have buttons!

Telling the story using the TV

Brilliant TV's from this class!

Soooo colorful!

Puces proudly showing off their Les Puces TVs

What colour is the Sky- Make It Project

Making a Les Puces TV!

Bunny magic

A Spring class in action

Colouring with Dad

Hop to it!

Little Beast under the sea

The finished project - have a look inside!

Les Puces is for all the family

Careful it's a secret scene

A winning smile for the finished project- well done!

Dangling fish

Little Beast under the sea was an amazing half term with a great book, swimmingly good song and fantastic Make It Project.  The secret under sea 3D scene was a real hit, and you all did so well colouring and constructing the project.  Here are some of the highlights of the photos sent in by your teachers!  It's lovely to see you all having so much fun!  Keep up the good work and well done to everyone; teachers and puces!

Sea aliens?

A whole class of treasure faces!

A busy class

Concentration for the project top

Wonderfull colouring!

Les Puces 2018 training day

& Christmas Lunch

Our venue: The Tunbridge Wells Hotel on the historic Pantiles

Les Puces Founder, Mandie Davis, chats to our first franchisee: Les Puces Hampshire Director, Josephine Miller

Les Puces choreographer Katie Spicer shows us the moves!

Best class award winner for 2018 Maitresse Phoebe Paynter won a holiday in France

After a fast moving and informative training day the teachers and Les Puces staff sat down for a lovely Christmas lunch. This year we had a really big table as Les Puces just keeps growing!

Our 20th published book!

We just looked down the page on the playground and found the picture of our first ever published book, The Cheeky Crow!  Wow! It feels like only yesterday, and here we are publishing bilingual book No 20.  What an achievement!  Congratulations to everyone at Les Puces: writers, illustrators, translators, and editors for your tremendous creative efforts and believing that we could do it!  Here's looking forward to this year's 3 new books!

Petit Paul veut être Père Noël

Christmas half term

.....the stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there. Petit Paul wished big this half term as he wanted to be Father Christmas!  We also wished big with the Make it Project to create a fantastic A3 pop up scene from the book complete with Father Christmas's legs dangling down the chimney! This was our most ambitious project to date and took a lot of careful cutting, colouring and sticking.  The results, however, were worth all the pre-Christmas hard work and turned out to be simply stunning!  Well done to all of you, teachers and pupils, for such fantastic projects!  Here are a few of the many pop up projects you created.






......and finally did anyone make the Christmas star biscuits that were on the recipe on the back of the project folder?  Pictures please!

Autumn- A Woodland Walk.

What creatures did you find in the woods?

WW image 3.jpg

A beautiful vocab sheet!

A veritable vocab sheet factory!

Matching up the animals with our

Les Puces pairs cards

An intense 3 player game in progress!

Gold Star

The Autumn term was great fun learning about woodland creatures and following the children on their woodland walk.  You all completed a great vocabulary sheet and then customised and played the Woodland Walk Game!  Here are some of the results from around our Les Puces Classes! Well played everyone! 

Personalising a game board

So where shall we put the start line?

Les Puces Hampshire

A lovely end to the term in Horsham!

I roll the dice....I move....I win!!!!!!

Brighton board games!

Tonbridge end of term games!

Summer - Cool song for hot summer!