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The 'Petit Paul 'series, France de la Cour

Les Puces CDs of songs £10+p&p each

The 'Out and About' series, Maddy May

The 'Seasons' series - Marigold Plunkett.

At the Table bilingual French / English childrens book from lespuces.co.uk

Now you can get your hands on our exclusive songs through Amazon, Apple and Spotify. Les Puces has gone Hi-Tech and you can buy your favourite songs individually on Amazon or iTunes or listen to them on Apple Music or Spotify! It's truly a digital experience! so click on the logos just here and start downloading. In Spotify or Apple Music just type ‘Les Puces' into the search and listen again and again. Buzz Buzz Buzz!

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We have 25 exclusively designed 'Flip-It' French/English bilingual books all priced at £10 plus p&p (£12.50 if you click the paypal link) and a new one arriving every 8 weeks or so!  Our songs are available on CD or to listen to or download on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes. If you want to order a few books together then please email us at bonjour@lespuces.co.uk and you can save on postage. Have a browse below!

The 'Petit Monstre' series  Krystyna Rogerson.

The 'Charlie Rabbit' and 'Cheeky Crow' series

Alain Blancbec

Click books with this icon to 'look inside'

The 'Pete Williamson' Series

The 'Arty the cat' series - Agatha O'Neill

Volume 3 of your favorite Les Puces songs is packed with 10 more songs from our half term modules! Fast, slow, soothing and energetic there is a great mix of styles and subjects. Excellent for brushing up on your songs for class, at home or in the car.  All packaged in a neat cardboard cover with Les Puces artwork!  £10 plus P&P direct from us. Allez!!

Our new home learning package consists of a bilingual book, worksheets, progress card and stickers plus a great project delivered by post.  Access our members only portal of videos, songs and stories to guide you through a Les Puces module of French learning fun every two months. Sign up now for £38.  Click on picture to buy.

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Les Puces Audio books CD £7+p&p   

Gilles Diss childrens songs CD £10+p&p