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Mandie Davis -  Directrice


 I am so proud to introduce you to our fantastic team of Les Puces Ltd teachers.  They are all either native French speakers or have studied languages to a high standard; above all they have a passion for France and the French way of life and this is what they convey in their classes.  We want to give your child, and possibly you, a little insight into life across the channel.  It’s so exciting for a child to discover that not everyone speaks the same language or does things in the same way as us. Together we will learn about the Tooth Mouse, the Easter Bells and Gallettes de Roi along with reinforcing the cognitive development of early childhood, and of course, introducing the French language.   



Pierre - Maitre for Folkestone


“Bonjour, my name is Pierre.  I am 22 years old and live in Folkestone.  I was born in Northern France and at the moment I am a student of Architecture in Canterbury.  I love French and English literature and, as well as being fluent in both languages, I also speak some Italian and German.  I believe that it is very important for children to appreciate, and to have knowledge of, the world that they live in; learning languages is a great way to do this; and even better if they can have some fun at the same time!  I look forward to sharing French language and culture with you!"


Celine - Maitresse for the Maidstone area


Bonjour à tous, my name is Céline and I am French. I come from Grenoble. I am the maitresse for the Maidstone area. I have a PhD in Information and Communication Sciences and have taught this subject in French universities for five years. I moved to England to marry my English husband. At home we speak English but I have been teaching French to my husband! I was very keen to teach French to children as I love the combination of fun and learning as I believe children learn quicker when they are having fun. It fills me with joy when they show enthusiasm and I am very excited to be teaching with Les Puces. Close to the way we learn a maternal language, this method brings fun and originality in small groups.  I hope I will have the pleasure to meet you in my lessons.  


Cecile - Maitresse for Brighton


Bonjour. I have been working with children for 12 years; as an entertainer, a nursery nurse and a childminder, using French on a daily basis with the children I look after. They are all learning another language as they learn to talk naturally. It's lovely to see them growing up, responding to simple instructions and repeating words they're learning through games, songs and story books. I am really passionate and fascinated about bilingualism, and am bringing up my own 6 years old daughter to be bilingual. I really believe that 'the younger you start the better', as young children just take another language on board . They don't question the process like adults would do when learning later in life. I am very excited to start this new venture with 'Les Puces' and teach little ones, and their Parents/Carers, another language in a fun way. We will be giving them a skill for life!A bientot! 



Luvlina- Maitresse for Horsham

Bonjour everyone! I was born and raised in Mauritius, and have therefore spoken French & English my whole life. I also studied both languages, along with Art to A-level standard. I made the move to England 13 years ago and I now have a daughter of my own who is starting school soon and happily progressing with the French language. We have family in France so frequent visits mean we can all be immersed in the wonderful French culture. I am very happy and excited to join 'Les Puces', to become a Maitresse and be part of a team and I look forward to meeting you and your children in Horsham.

Caroline-Maitresse for Tunbridge-Wells

I was born in Brussels and lived in French speaking Belgium (on the French-Belgian border near Lille) until I was 23.  I have 4 children and they are all bilingual.  This is important to me because it helps my children connect to their cultural background; they feel closer to my family and are proud of who they are.  Also, I believe that being bilingual gives my children an entirely different way of seeing the world and stretches their minds to new realms of possibilities and boosts their tolerance of others.   I actually took all four children to Les Puces classes when they first started in Tonbridge, and for 2 years we all went even though my youngest was 1 and the eldest was 9.  We were worried that he might get bored, being already bilingual and so much older than other children in the group … but he really looked forward to the classes each week!  It was a chance for all of my children to realise that other children want to learn this language and it enabled them to share, grow in confidence speaking French outside the home as well as developing their skills of helping others.  

The tables suddenly turned when I realised that a new teacher was needed for Tunbridge Wells!  So now I am on the other side of the classes and absolutely love it!  I really believe in the way that Les Puces teaches and I look forward to helping your children on their language journey.


Bérengère - Maitresse for Tonbridge


I’m a Parisian who settled in Kent in 2007 after many years of travelling back and forth on Eurostar to see my partner. After graduating in French and Music, I completed a teacher’s training specialising in French. For several years I taught children, teenagers and adults on both sides of the channel, until I got the opportunity to change to a singing career in opera! I am passionate about languages, culture, art and teaching. As a singer I have to embody characters and become so familiar with the language they speak that I could believe it was mine. Speaking languages is a fantastic way to keep recreating yourself all the time and children respond to this very well. They are bold, curious, not overly self aware, which is the best recipe for language learning. Les Puces understand that amazing potential and gives children the opportunity to nurture it, which I find incredibly exciting. I am absolutely delighted to be able to play a role in this wonderful adventure. 

Sonia -Maitresse for Crawley


Hello everyone!  I’m Sonia and I was born and grew up in Algeria.  In my country we speak lots of French and it is a language that I adore.  I also love to travel and to get to know more about the world.  I especially love Paris (one of the most magnificent cities in the world!) and Marseille in the South of France.  I am really happy to be working with Les Puces - and above all to be working with children and the beautiful French language!  I look forward to welcoming you to my classes.

Chloë -Maitresse for Canterbury

"Bonjour, my name is Chloë. I am currently studying Human Ecology at the University of Kent, and I live in Canterbury. I grew up bilingual with a French mother and British father, and went through my education in France from primary school to baccalaureate level. I have been working with children for several years now, in various settings, and thoroughly enjoy it. I am very inspired by children’s imagination and creativity, and have a great interest in languages – how they are taught, learnt, understood, and shared.  

I hope to inspire young children and develop their interest in learning, languages and creativity, and share my knowledge and enthusiasm for French culture. I am happy to become a maîtresse at Les Puces, and meet you and your children in Canterbury!”

Josephine -Maitresse for Portsmouth

"Bonjour! My name is Josephine and I am very fortunate that my parents always spoke French at home! My Father, who worked for the British Embassy in Israel, and my Mother, who was born and bred in Brussels, both spoke French at home. Living and going to school in Israel I naturally learnt Hebrew, and later, I also learnt English at school. My two children, who are now grown adults, also grew up in a tri-lingual home absorbing naturally these languages through immersion. Often if they couldn’t remember a word in one language they would find effortlessly it in one of the others. My personal experience and that of my own children has taught me that young children are often very good at learning a new language, especially through creativity, songs, play etc. And the earlier they start and the more fluent they become the more they enjoy learning and flexing their linguistic muscles. 

I have been working as a teacher (Primary, Secondary and Special Needs) since 1996 when I moved with my family to the U.K. I now live in Southsea, Portsmouth, and love this dynamic, diverse city. Becoming a Maitresse at Les Puces is a privilege and joy; the materials, methodology, dedication and ethos of this fabulous Club are absolutely first class! And I hope that many (if not all!) of Portsmouth’s young children will join us. See you soon! "

Katie -Maitresse for Bromley

Bonjour Les Puces! My name is Katie and I am the Maitresse for Bromley. I studied French at university, which included a year living in the beautiful Loire Valley where I taught English in a primary school, and I try to return to France as often as possible. I currently teach French in a local primary school and I love coming up with fun and creative ways to teach the language to my budding young learners. I strongly believe in teaching languages to children as early as possible; it's fantastic to watch them improve week on week and begin to converse more confidently in French. I am really enthusiastic about starting at Les Puces and sharing my passion for the French language and culture!

Kate -Maitresse for Tonbridge


I am a huge Francophile, having loved the language from the moment I began studying it over thirty years ago. I love the French people, lifestyle and food too and visit as often as I can.  I am a trained French teacher and have experience of teaching languages to children of all ages, from toddlers up to GCSE! I have three children of my own and am very excited to be working for Les Puces, sharing and having fun with the French language.

Nadine - Maitresse for Rochester


My name is Nadine Harris.  I am of dual nationality & my maternal family lives in France (Picardy & Normandy) so I am bi-lingual but was educated in UK.  I also speak Spanish. I have a BA Hons degree in French, a postgraduate TEFL Diploma & Qualified Teacher Status. Teaching has been my passion for the past 30 years - a transportable career that fortunately I've been able to fit around my husband's career to numerous locations around the globe (Spain, Cyprus, Germany, Nepal, Scotland, Wiltshire, Lancashire & Kent). I have taught French, Spanish & EFL to children & adults of all ages and nationalities in all sectors of both primary & secondary schools. I have 3 children aged 22, 21 and 16.
I am a passionate linguist and am clear that teaching languages widens pupils' cultural understanding and confidence; improves their literacy skills in English and prepares them for a world of work in an increasingly globalised world.  It concerns me that MFL learning is currently undervalued and in crisis in UK and that the government has lost sight of the motivational, cultural, and cognitive benefits of language learning.  Fortunately  Les Puces has not lost sight of this: the ethos behind the teaching is based on the recognition that young children are more open and receptive; they learn mainly by doing rather than by conscious learning so they are intrinsically better language learners.  Research shows that what really motivates young children is the FUN  of language learning: not just the fun activities in classroom, but also learning about another culture and its language: learning about children in other countries, what they do, how like/unlike them they are, how they speak etc.,  Les Puces' superb materials & resources provides all this and more.   So what are you waiting for?  Sign up now!  Even an hour per week has the potential to awaken in your child a lifelong interest in foreign languages.!