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Petit Paul veut être Père Noël

Petit Paul is back and dreaming of what he wants to be, but this time he is dreaming big.  He wants to be Father Christmas, which is a big responsibility, but what will he need to make his wish come true.  One thing is for sure, he will need some Christmas magic and he will need to believe!  Do you believe in Father Christmas?  Sing along to the song and get into the Christmas spirit. You can find the lyrics for the song to print out for free, along with the Petit Paul vocabulary sheet at our 'Print out Corner" webpage.  Just click here!






Little Beast under the sea

Little Beast starts out on a brand new adventure.  He is playing with his friend the star when he slips and falls down through the sky to plunge into the sea. As he falls deeper and deeper he meets lots of interesting sea creatures until he finally reaches the sea bed.  In the dark at the bottom of the ocean he thinks he has found his friend the star.  Find out more about the creatures he meets under the sea in this lovely, bubbly song to go with the story.  You can find the lyrics sheet with all the words as well as the vocabulary sheet in the 'Print out Corner' of our website.  Just click here!


1,2,3 Petits Soldats - Count to 20!

A brand new counting song for numbers up to 20.  Follow the actions for the song with Katie our Les Puces choreographer.  You can curtsey like a queen and march like a soldier but be careful you don't get tangled up!  Can you count up to 20 in French?  Give it a try and you will be surprised how easy it is!  Have fun counting and marching!

Little Beast under the sea - Song actions.

Katie our Les Puces choreographer shows you the actions to the Little Beast under the sea song.  Now you can swim down into the sea, wriggle like an octopus, shine like a starfish and be amazed at finding the hidden treasure.  You can see pictures from the amazing book in the background and try and keep up with Katie!  Have fun! You can find the lyrics to the song to download and print here and buy the book here.

Weather, with the Cheeky Crow - Song actions.

Katie shows you the actions to the Les Puces weather song from the story 'The Cheeky Crow tries to be good'.  Discover the actions for heat, cold and rain as well as a twirly umbrella!  The video has lovely images from our bilingual book as well as pictures of the weather project we made.  You can find the lyrics to the song to download and print here and buy the book here.