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Video Room

The Other Way into Town

Get ready for Christmas and get fit into the bargain.  Our current module is based around the story 'The Other Way into Town' which is a globe-spanning adventure visiting exotic places and picking up Christmas presents along the way.  Join Aly and learn the fitness workout actions to go with the song, as we jump, hop and skate our way towards Christmas.  If you enjoy this video, why not sign up for the hybrid course to learn the words and accept the karaoke challenge!  Good luck!

The Opposite Owls

The Opposite Owls, Hoot and Toot live in the old oak wood and always do everything opposite to each other. If one goes left the other goes right; one is loud while the other is really quiet!  In this video you can listen to the song and learn the actions that go with it.  Have fun!

Coucou Hibou

Another song from our Les Puces collection.  This one is a traditional French children's song and is our most played song on various platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music etc.  I bet you won't get it out of your head once you have listened!

Charlie Rabbit and the seeds

Spring is time to think about getting into the garden and planting some seeds.  That's exactly what Charlie Rabbit, our loveable, laid back character is up to as he finds some old seed packets that promise exotic shaped trees!  He plants the seeds and sits back to see if he will get the star shaped tree he has set his heart on. After a little while (and some sun and rain) the trees start to grow and Charlie jumps for joy, but his excitement turns to puzzlement as the star shaped tree doesn't grow?  What should he do now?  

Charlie Rabbit - Stop-frame animation short film!

Welcome to the silver screen for Charlie and his friend Snail, in their very own short film. Produced by Mandie Davis, using stop-frame animation, this video breathes life into the characters created by Alain Blancbec for our book 'Charlie Rabbit and the Seeds'.  Say "hello" to Charlie and Snail and watch them discover and plant the magic seeds that will turn into the different shaped trees; set to the music and song we created for this story (which you can find on our 'Bonjour Les Puces CD in our shop). So enjoy the fun of animation and watch out for Snail parachuting into the shot and falling asleep in the sun as well as the clever use of his googly eyes!

Petit Paul veut devenir un pirate

Petit Paul dreams of being a pirate but is not sure what he will need to dress up like one.  He imagines the clothes and accessories he will need, and before long he is standing on a desert island surrounded by sparkling blue sea! Follow the song video, specially created for this adventure, below and learn all the french vocabulary for the various pieces of clothing Paul will require 

Winter - L'Hiver

The nights are drawing in, bonfires are being lit and we are off on a journey to France.  Dressing in warm clothes and packing our bags, we are going to Granny and Grandpa's house for the winter break and Christmas.  Sing along, follow the actions . and come with us on the Eurotunnel and in the car as we drive to France.  Once there we have to make all the preparations for Christmas.  Will it all be completed in time and will Father Christmas find us in France?  

J'y crois

Here is another Christmas song with actions, that goes with the 'Petit Paul wants to be Father Christmas' book.  

Ma Maison​ - My House

Come in and have a guided tour around the Les Puces Château where not everything is quite what it seems.  Learn about all the different rooms in the house by following the actions to this fantastic song that was produced especially to go with the story.  

Arty and the insects

Arty is insect mad this half term, finding all sorts of insects in his garden.  So for this module we have created a mad, mad, insect song that will have you moving your arms like the six legs of an insect and wriggling like a caterpillar! Each insect has an action and a unique noise, so see if you can discover them all.  Here are Willow and Katie performing the moves for the Arty and the insects song.  Express yourself with the freestyle section at the beginning!  

What colour is the sky?

Produced especially to go with our 'What colour is the sky?' half term, our new song is showcased in this video with images from our book of the same title.  Learn how to ask simple questions and revise your colours in one go! This is destined to be one of our favourite songs, as it's composed in a traditional style that is easy to follow and difficult to get out of your head afterwards! (Listen at your own risk!) 

Arty on Safari - Song actions.

Now you can learn the actions to the Arty on Safari song with Katie Roar like a lion, snap your hands like the jaws of a crocodile and belly laugh like a hyena!  You can have lots of fun learning the names of the animals and  copying the actions for each one.  Have fun!  If you want to see the full animated video look 6 videos below this one! 

Weather, with the Cheeky Crow - Song actions.

Katie shows you the actions to the Les Puces weather song from the story 'The Cheeky Crow tries to be good'.  Discover the actions for heat, cold and rain as well as a twirly umbrella!  The video has lovely images from our bilingual book as well as pictures of the weather project we made.  

Little Beast under the sea - Song actions.

Katie shows you the actions to the Little Beast under the sea song.  Now you can swim down into the sea, wriggle like an octopus, shine like a starfish and be amazed at finding the hidden treasure.  You can see pictures from the amazing book in the background and try and keep up with Katie!  Have fun!

1,2,3 Petits Soldats - Count to 20!

A brand new counting song for numbers up to 20.  Follow the actions for the song with Katie.  You can curtsey like a queen and march like a soldier but be careful you don't get tangled up!  Can you count up to 20 in French?  Give it a try and you will be surprised how easy it is!  Have fun counting and marching!

Little Beast under the sea

Little Beast starts out on an adventure.  He is playing with his friend the star when he slips and falls down through the sky to plunge into the sea. As he falls deeper and deeper he meets lots of interesting sea creatures until he finally reaches the sea bed.  In the dark at the bottom of the ocean he thinks he has found his friend the star.  Find out more about the creatures he meets under the sea in this lovely, bubbly song to go with the story.  


Petit Paul veut être Père Noël

Petit Paul is back and dreaming of what he wants to be, but this time he is dreaming big.  He wants to be Father Christmas, which is a big responsibility, but what will he need to make his wish come true.  One thing is for sure, he will need some Christmas magic and he will need to believe!  Do you believe in Father Christmas?  Sing along to the song and get into the Christmas spirit.






Arty on Safari Animation 

It was an anticipated blockbuster production from Les Puces Studios in France! It took two months and a lot of painstaking work using stop-motion animation, with 12 frames making up just one second of filming, to get this video onto the big screen!  The Arty on Safari song has been animated with lovely models directly from the book. Arty, Spotty, Roary, Snappy and a host of other delightful safari creatures spring off the pages and are magically brought to life.  Sing along to the "Qui fait quoi dans la savane" song and find out who lives in the savanna. Watch carefully to see what those scatty meerkats get up to and how the hyenas literally roll about laughing!  

A Woodland Walk 

Sing along to the Woodland Walk song that accompanies the book and game for the current half term.  You can learn all about woodland creatures like the rabbit and the badger as you sing along to this take on a traditional French children's song.  






'It's Summer' - A cool song for a hot summer!

It's not all traditional nostalgia here at Les Puces, and with the help of India and Willow we have made a modern Les Puces video to go with the song (by our very own musical creator France de la Cour) 'It's Summer'.  Read the book, attend our online classes, and now rap along to this cool song with all the right moves!  Stay cool Les Puces!

The Cheeky Crow tries to be good! - Weather Song.

One of our most loved characters takes to the wing and this time he is trying to be good.  Things don't always work out as planned however and he has a few mishaps along the way.....Whoops!  Learn all about the weather in this song and see what happens to him.  You get to see our fantastic 'box of weather' Project that you will make on this module.  Have fun Les Puces!

Alien Counting - 1 - 10 with a hairy alien! 


We were asked if we could do the alien counting (as used in our classes) on a video, and so here it is.  The mysterious alien egg falls to earth and sprouts legs, arms and hairy moles!!  Can you count along in French.  We hope you have fun les puces! 

Ma Famille - Video for the song. 


Our song to go with the Ma Famille theme. Sing along to the simple soothing lyrics, and follow the actions that are cleverly portrayed in this video.  We are all one big Les Puces happy family! 

My Body 


This video goes with the 'My Body - Mon Corps' book.  The book and the song are part of our Les Puces classes and teach us about parts of the body. Follow the exploits of Charlotte and Hugo as they go through a day at school and run, jump, wriggle, dance and play! 

Le Corbeau Taquin 


This video goes with 'Le Corbeau Taquin - The Cheeky Crow' book.  The book and the song are part of our Les Puces Classes and are for learning about colours. Follow the exploits of the Cheeky Crow as he goes around Paris, breaking windows and stealing things. How Cheeky!

C'est L'Hiver 


This video goes with the 'L'Hiver' book, and is sung to the classic 'Jingle Bells'. It follows the story in the book, as the children go to their grandparents in France for Christmas.  The song was produced and sung by France de la Cour, and accompanies the illustrations by Marigold Plunkett.  The book and song are all part of the 'L'Hiver' module for Les Puces students.