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A Woodland Walk


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Put on your wellies, shrug on a coat and lets go for a woodland walk!  Follow a group of children as they set off into the woods for an Autumn walk. Waiting to be discovered by our intrepid explorers are a host of delightful creatures and a real surprise.  There is lots of mud, plenty of leaves, a spattering of puddles, trees, paths and even some tusks!  It all ends well with a fantastic autumn tea, complete with animal masks.


This book has been illustrated by  the talented and experienced children's illustrator, Maddy May. Her charming artwork adds colour and humour to the story! As with all Les Puces books you open it one way and it's French - FLIP IT OVER and open it the other way and it's English.  We don't put the two languages on the same page, so you feel like you are reading a real French book .... and you can't cheat!


See the pictures and then buy the book from us £10 +p&p (book rates) or from your Maitresse at a Les Puces early-years class.


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