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A fun, intuitive, language
learning & acceptance method for children aged 3-11 years
Since 2015


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Un cours de langue simple à utiliser pour les enfants âgés de 3 à 11 ans dans des modules autonomes ou en continu par abonnement. Chaque module dure 7 semaines et s'accompagne de 2 ans d'accès au portail en ligne

A simple to use, language course for kids aged 3-11 years in either stand alone modules or continuously by subscription.  Each module lasts 7 weeks and is backed up with 2 years of access to the online portal 

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How the course works......


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Subscribe to either the Online Only Course at £10 a month or the Hybrid Course from £19 a month and receive a new 7 week module every other month. You can also buy a 1year bundle for each option.

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Every 2 months you receive a postal pack with a bilingual workbook with the story in English and French, 10 worksheets, a game, 2 x vocabulary sheets, 1 x lyrics sheet, a progress card, handy tips pages and a lesson plan.  You also get a practical project kit, and star stickers. This is called a module ('My Body' module pictured as an example).  If you have the Online Only Course you do not receive the pack in the post but you can print worksheets, vocabulary and lyrics sheets as many times as you like.

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Then you go online to our Les Puces Club area to access 24 teaching and instructional videos that guide you through each module in French and English. Listen to the story in both languages, sing the song, make the project, complete the worksheets and download extra vocab sheets, lyrics and  worksheets. Work at your own pace and try to watch a video every day.  It's also smartphone friendly so you can use it on the go!

A different teacher for each module so you hear different accents too!  All our teachers are bilingual

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Mobile, tablet, laptop and PC friendly



Every 2 months a new module with a new theme opens for you.

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Access to the online module lasts 2 years so you can go back again and again!


You build a library of bilingual workbooks and online modules to support your child's language development and school work.

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Buy the £10 a month online only course to learn French

Buy the £19 a month Hybrid course to learn French - online and with workbooks and projects in the post


I love Les Puces. My children have been learning French with Les Puces for years and I’d recommend it to anyone. Les Puces have designed a fun, interactive and natural way to learn French. There is enough variety to keep it interesting, but with characters that come back and build on previous’s very clever!

LAURA K -  Google Review

I was looking for French online tutoring when I came across Les Puces. It is much more than a French tutor for my 7 year old son. Les Puces is run by Mandie, who took a thorough assessment of what we hoped to achieve and explained how the course would work for my son. We opted for the 1-2-1 session with online pack. With each "theme" we would receive a fulfilled pack of activities and worksheets which includes: a storybook, 10 worksheets, a special project - this lasts for 6 weeks before a new theme arrives.. My son loves his French lessons and looks forward to them each week! I highly recommend Les Puces!

JOSEPHINE CHUI - Google review

What do parents think of us?


We are a bilingual family and Les puces helps to give both mummy and daddy time to read the same story at bedtime in both languages! The activities are also well thought out and help supplement a great quality time

RACHEL W -  Google Review

5 star reviews

on Google

We signed up for the remote modules during lockdown and have been amazed by the quality and the set up. Each module you receive a unique book in English and French which the module is based upon. They send a pack with a progress sheet (and stars to add once each section is complete which the children love). There is always a project which is more artistic, but the videos to explain what to do are always in french then english, with an emphasis on the children still practicing vocabulary as they are doing the project. There are worksheets to work through, songs to learn, vocabulary videos as well as the story in English and French. Parents can have as little or as much involvement, as everything is there in bitesize videos for the children to progress through the module. I have wanted my son to have French lessons for several years but we couldn't find a local class that we could get to in time after school - this module system has therefore been revolutionary for us. Thoroughly recommend Les Puces and can be enjoyed by children up and down the Country. Thank you Les Puces!

NATALIE WETTLER- Google review


Welcome to Les Puces!


A private page of resources and support for our Les Puces licensed tutors. We provide all our fabulous educational materials, our method and lessons plans leaving you free to teach.  Want to find out more about becoming a tutor?  Email us at:

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